Simple Consumer Finance
on Mobile

Transfer up to $500 on mobile in three simple steps

Simple 3 steps. That's it!
  1. Enter the recipient's name and address
    (phone number or bank account number)
  2. Enter the transfer amount
  3. Type a password

An answer to a desperate problem

Korea is home to the world’s best IT infrastructure, highest internet access, broadband speeds and smartphone penetration. But its online banking system needs a facelift. Even simple transfers require 5 passwords and 37 clicks!

How 6 million Koreans use Toss

Our customers use Toss for borrowing and repaying funds, splitting the bill at restaurants, online purchases, paying bills and much more. Download Toss for Android or iOS in Korea and enjoy hassle free money transfers in the palm of your hand.

More than just money transfers

We’re constantly constantly reimagining your financial life on mobile. Check out our new services:

  • Process loans in less than a minute with Toss Loans.
  • Keep tabs on all your accounts, across banks, with the Toss Financial Dashboard
  • Maintain a healthy credit score with Toss Credit Score Monitoring

Coming soon on Toss

  • Loan Brokerage Service
  • Overseas Transfers
  • Micro Insurance
  • Foreign Exchange

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

We’re proud of our 100% security record and we aim to keep it that way!

  • Strict ID controls
  • 2048bit app security protocols
  • PCI-DSS(AE256) encoding
  • 24hr administration control system
  • 24/7 customer support
  • FDS (Fraud Detect System) security in the event of abnormalities
  • Daily and per transaction limits

Blowing our trumpet

As of today Toss has:

  • 6 million app downloads
  • Transferred over USD $3 billion
  • Toss handles 10X the volume of transactions of all its domestic competitors combined
  • Number of transfers per month increased from 2.2 (traditional online transfers) to 6.7 (Toss)

Banks love us!

Toss has partnered with 18 of Korea's 19 major banks, helping us reach 98% of Korea's banking customers

A Top Team leading the charge

Our executive team has rich experience in building businesses that scale rapidly and is deeply integrated into the fintech community, at the highest levels.

“My vision is to offer a seamless user experience across all facets of consumer finance within one ultra-simple mobile application”

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