Mobile Finance
As It Should Be

We’re putting an end to complex and inconvenient financial services on mobile, within a single app.

Welcome to Toss.

Redesigning the financial
services experience

Starting as a mobile P2P money transfer service in 2015, Toss
delivers a full range of consumer finance services via a simple and
frictionless user interface. Toss handles over $1.4 billion in monthly
transactions, and has expanded into a platform providing a full
suite of financial services.
  • 2013
    Founded Viva Republica
  • 2015
    Launched Toss
    P2P payments / money transfer
  • 2016
    Google Play Store “App of the Year”
  • 2017
    Investment from global investors
    including Paypal
  • Ranked 35th in KPMG’s Fintech 100
  • 2018
    Over 8 million registered users
  • Annual transaction
    run rate of USD $17 billion
#1 in security amongst 25 banking apps in Korea
Dominant #1 in P2P money transfers
Zero security breach since launch of Toss

Key Product Lineup
Currently Offered

Every facet of your daily financial lives in one App.
Toss now offers a full suite of financial services.
iPhone Device
Toss App
  • P2P Money Transfer
  • Branded
  • Financial
Provides most simple and frictionless
P2P money transfer experience
Provides the simplest way to pay online and on mobile
Provides complete overview of a user’s
bank accounts in a single dashboard
Provides users financial credit status for free and
provide guides for users to maintain a healthy
credit score – the first time a credit score service
has been provided via a mobile app in Korea
Users can convert their Toss wallet balance to
an interest-bearing savings account
Provides debit cards to users of Toss savings
accounts for offline use
Users can invest into a range of financial products
such as real-estate microfinancing projects, mutual funds,
and overseas stocks
Provide users multiple loan options and loans
with the lowest interest rates without
ever having to visit a retail branch
Helps users identify current status of their insurances
compared to peers, and curates optimal insurance products
for each user from multiple insurance companies
SG Lee, CEO & Co-founder


“Korea’s online banking system is plagued by a truly painful user experience, and there is a void for financial services that are mobile-centric. Toss aims to fill this by aggregating all services into one app, providing a simple and frictionless financial experience.”

Our Team

Behind every great product and team, there are a set of strong core values. We are proud of our key practices, and strive to improve and add to them every day.
Our Core Values
  • Highest standard of
    information transparency
    and accessibility
  • Taking full responsibility
    and ownership
  • To be great,
    rather than good
  • Courage to face conflict,
    rather than avoid it
  • Be simple and focused
  • Focus on practicality,
    not formality